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Our Approach

Our experience over two decades demonstrates that the most successful search assignments are those in which IZS and our client company work closely together.  We take great pride in our ability to deliver the most qualified candidates in a timely manner.  All candidates have been prescreened and carefully prepared to represent themselves and IZS in a professional manner.  Our careful preparation allows us to approach each search with pride and conviction ensuring a successful outcome.
Each individual assignment incorporates the following procedures:

  • Preliminary recruiting and screening of candidates
    Personal meeting or extensive phone interview with all candidates to determine professional, technical and personal traits per assignment.
  • Counseling of each candidate
    Research of client company - product lines, position in business community, management philosophies and growth pattern.
  • Preparation of each individual
    Client assignment - job description, promotional potential, desired personal characteristics and attitudes.
  • Selection and presentation of qualified candidates
    Arrangement and coordination of preliminary and subsequent interviews.
  • Debriefing sessions with candidates
    Provide clients with pertinent information throughout the interviewing process.
  • Verification
    Education, Certification and References upon request.
  • Salary Negotiation
    Monitoring of all details to ensure highest probability of securing top candidates.
  • Follow-up
    Continued dialogue following culmination of search to ensure a smooth transition.

IZS Executive Search partners with our client companies to identify the best-qualified candidate for any hiring need. 


IZS Executive Search, Inc.